Farmer's Gold is a product of M&R Holdings, Inc. of Pink Hill, North Carolina. M&R's President, Dean Rouse, incorporates seven generations of tobacco growing and manufacturing expertise into this popular line of products. Farmer's Gold is available in a number of varieties including Full Flavor, Light, Ultra Light, Menthol, Menthol Light, Additive Free, and a Special Long Cut #2.

A new line of FG Value blends is also available in Full Flavor, Light, and Menthol.


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The complete line of Farmer's Gold products is available from a wide range of tobacco outlets and distributors including:

  • HBI International
  • Cascade Cigar & Tobacco
  • Finck Cigar Company
  • Little Brown Smoke Shack
  • Pipes & Cigars
  • Christopher's Wholesale


Farmer's Gold
M&R Holdings, Inc.
Pink Hill, North Carolina